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We offer durable and eco-friendly synthetic palm leaves, as we are exclusive representatives of Palmex International in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.


In 1854 our founder, Theodore Harth, established the first company in the country that imported perfumes from France.  French Peruvian esoteric perfumes in Peru.


We specialise in the import, export and distribution of products between Peru and Europe. We are Representative and Distributors of: Vignobles Fompérier and Viñas de Oro.


Our mission: We are dedicated to importing, exporting and distributing products
of the highest quality.

Tropitechos is the exclusive distributor of Palmex products in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

The Canadian-made product, Palmex has been succesfully covering roofs for all kinds of hotels, lodges and houses around the world for more than 20 years.

Replace your thatch for the last time. Ask for a quote and read more about our services at

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Bebidas Harth will be available for all restaurants, hotel and retail.

Bebidas Harth is an importer of French wines and Champagne, we seek to promote brands and suppliers from the Champagne region, Bordeaux and Saint Emilion. As far as national products are concerned, we are representatives of Bodegas Viñas de Oro piscos, promoting high quality products throughout the country.

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Perfumes Harth

We import, produce, and distribute perfumes under the brand Perfumes Harth. For more than 80 years, we import and distribute L.T. Piver perfume Loción Pompeya.

In 2023 we launched our first in house perfume, Afrodita. For more than 80 years, we’ve built a strong BtoB customer network around all Peru. If you are interested in becoming a distributor or seeking a partner to distribute your perfumes, please reach out to us.

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Our purpose is to help you build a successful business in Peru!

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