Article about 110th Casa Harth’s Anniversary

A few days ago we received a very interesting email: a photo of an article in La Prensa newspaper written on March 18, 1964, commemorating the 110th anniversary of Casa Teodoro Harth.

In these lines we found many curious notes of our beloved company, here are some:

– Teodoro Harth’s partner was Augusto Schweitzer, brother of the famous Dr. Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1952

– The company started as a small business with 4 employees, working in Jr. Plateros de San Pedro, now Pasaje Olaya – Lima Center

– “It was Teodoro Harth one of the first traders to sell to provinces” – says the article

– The company offered at that time different categories of products: Toys, batteries and lanterns, english casimires, agricultural machinery and among the first items to import were perfumes and fabrics

– At that time the company was also engaged in the manufacture and installation of industrial refrigerators

– When the store began its operations in different regions of Perú (before 1900) its salesmen would go to this places on mules. These trips lasted a few months, after which these travelers would return to Lima with several more mules bringing gold and silver as payment for the items sold.

There are many stories behind a company with such a long history, which has seen not only hundreds of workers, suppliers and customers, but also different political, economic and social scenarios in the country. The essence of Casa Harth remains at heart: the enthusiasm to commercialize the best quality products delivered with the best service, seeking to respond to the needs of all pervian people.